I understand that some may disagree, but if you wear the uniform (even for a day), you are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for your country and I (as a fellow veteran) appreciate your service.

When I first arrived at Fort Jackson (decades ago), all military personnel had to go through the process of intake, which, of course, included getting dog tags, vaccines, and a variety of other things. This lasted for several days. After completing the induction process, which takes about three days, you will head to your barracks to meet your DI and be given a bunk.

Your physical training is almost immediate, and if you are not in the best of condition (e.g., overweight), you may be discharged or held back. Nevertheless, in my opinion, even if you were released from the military due to failing physical training, you are still considered a veteran because you wore the dog tags and you took the oaths. You intended to serve your country, and benefits should be available to you for doing so.